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Assyrian Martyrs Day 2017

On August 7th, Assyrians worldwide remember the lives of our people who have been martyred throughout past decades for our religion, culture and beliefs.

Originally, this day was a commemoration of the Simele Massacre martyrs of 1933, but now, it is a day to remember all of our fallen people. According to Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organizations, the seventh of August was chosen as the day of remembrance by the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) in 1970 because it was the last day in 1933 before the Iraqi Army massacred 3000 Assyrian men, women and children in the town of Simele between August 8th and 11th.

Every year on Assyrian Martyrs day, Assyrians around the globe remember the lives lost of our people through various ways. Some go to church, some remember silently, and others gather together to demonstrate that Assyrian spirit will always live on and fight to show the injustices placed upon our people.

What we must remember is that this day symbolises everything that the Assyrian people have had to face from generation to generation. It shows that although we have constantly been attacked by those who do not support our religion and ethnicity, we are always able to rise up and demonstrate that we are a strong body of people who have the ability to maintain and preserve our identity. It is crucial that everyone-all men, women and children, learn about our history and the importance of the sacrifices and hardships our people have had to endure. We must not just sit down and do nothing but rather take a stand and commit to preserving our culture and national values.

In Hamilton, Ontario this Sunday August 6th, an Assyrian Martyrs Day Commemoration event will be held at St. John United Church. Special guest speaker, May Ishak, whose husband was one of our Assyrian martyrs, will also be present to share her story. Come join us for a great opportunity to learn more about Assyrian Martyrs and how to rise together as one people

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