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About the Event   

The Assyrian festival of Nusardil is a one-day community event that shares the vibrant Assyrian culture with Hamilton. This event aims to preserve Assyrian tradition and to share our vibrant cultural aspects with the diverse community we have in Hamilton.

Nusardil is celebrated by Assyrians around the world, it is a unique celebration to Assyrians as it originates out of the lands that once comprised the early Sumerian, Akkadian and then Assyrian empires. The origin of the ceremony stems from celebrations during the summer where statues and path of the chief deity would be ceremonially sprinkled with water as it was carried through the city streets. Watching crowds would also wait to be sprinkled by the King to receive blessings for the summer. It is said that the name “Nusardil” (also called Musardil) comes from the Assyrian words for sprinkle “mar-yis” and god “il (or el)”. When Assyrians adopted Christianity in the 1st-century c.e., the celebration of Nusardil was incorporated as St. Addai (Thaddeus) was sent by St. Thomas the Apostle to baptize the large crowd of Assyrians by sprinkling them with holy water. Nusardil is still celebrated thousands of years later, and we are excited to share it with you today.

Historical Background
Quick Info

Date: TBA!

Time: TBA!

Location: TB McQuesten Park, 1199 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton



Free Admission, Live Music & Cultural Dancing, Family-Friendly Games, Food and Drinks Available For Purchase, and more! 

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