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Why You Should Come to TGIF

No…not the restaurant, the Friday socials hosted by us, the Bet Nahrain Assyrian Heritage Centre interns! Every Friday, from 230-430PM we invite our family and friends to the office to enjoy some games, activities, snacks and an all-around good time. These social hours are a great opportunity for you to meet other people and build friendships, and besides, what else do you have to do at 230 on a Friday (if you don’t work)?

In the previous weeks, we have had scavenger hunts, card tournaments, and even a khigga workshop. We understand that people can be busy midday on a Friday, but if you are free then I definitely recommend coming out and joining us on any of the upcoming Fridays till the end of the summer! You get to enjoy our company (we’re pretty cool people) and you can even learn more about who we are as an organization and what our goals are. I have gotten to interact with people I would not normally have the opportunity to interact with and have made new friends through the TGIF social hours.

Also, a bonus is that 10 new interns hired by ACSSU have just recently joined us so you have an even greater opportunity to make friends and have a great time!

Make sure to come join us this Friday for an Assyrian trivia day. We will all be competing against each other to see who knows more about Assyrian topics, how exciting!

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