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13 Reasons To Come To Nusardil


1. 15,000 Water Balloons

This year we will be having 15,000 water balloons, so no one is leaving without getting soaked! Join in on the water balloon fight and relive your childhood summer days

2. Delicious Food & Refreshments

Quality food will be catered from different vendors for a small price. Come enjoy a meal with us at the festival because, lets be honest who really wants to cook on a Sunday?

3. Learn how to dance KHIGGA!

Watch some pros do various traditional dances and learn how to do so as well so you are ready to dance when the music starts going

4. The Dunk Tank

Know anyone who needs a little dunking? Bring them to get soaked in the dunk tank and take your turn making sure they fall in!

5. Learn more about the Assyrians and who we are

There’s so much to grasp about the Assyrian culture and heritage so why not spend a couple hours with some fun and friendly Assyrians who can teach you a little about us?

6. The Dolma Eating Contest

Who doesn’t love fighting to eat as much dolma as possible for first place? Come out and participate in the fun contest featuring a traditional Assyrian favourite

7. Discover what Nusardil is all about

Family, friends, laughter, and not to mention the main component, WATER! Learn more about why this is such a big event and what it means to Assyrians around the world

8. Live Assyrian Music

Listen to some upbeat and charismatic music in a family friendly environment that’s sure that lift your spirits and get you in the dancing mood!

9. Games, Games, Games

From water relay races to other splashing games we are sure everyone regardless of age will have fun competing against each other through our various water based games

10. Ice Cream

We all scream for ice cream, right? There will be an ice cream truck working to provide delicious ice cream to all the amazing people on the hot July day

11. Art Fair

Who doesn’t love some beautiful art? There will be an arts showcase presented by ACSSU at the festival that you definitely don’t want to miss!

12. Writing Workshop

Get the opportunity to learn the art of cuneiform and how to write ancient Assyrian

13. …Did I mention 15,000 water balloons?


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